18th May 2018 – Off to Kroonstad

We say goodbye to Bethlehem and head off to Kroonstad and our next mystery to solve. Our first stop is to drop off our luggage at Micarla’s Bed & Breakfast which will be our ‘home for the next 3 days. We have to have accommodation that is self catering as we have already made food for our trip – a cost not passed on to our clients – so we need somewhere to either heat it up or when the food has run out, we can cook up some more.

The farm we need to go to is around 40 kilometres outside Kroonstad. We are really pleased to see a smiling face and general inviting and genuine behaviour from these clients. The main problem – or one of the main problems – is the chimney – basically a nesting place for birds, mice and anything else that could fit in I think. We tackle this first with the assistance of one of the farm workers. All obstacles removed we check the chimney for draw and find it to be excellent. H-cowl benefits are explained and accepted and up she goes – many years of optimum stove conditions.

These clients also have an AGA and we give it a good service, checking all essential parts for correct operation and refilling parts where the insulation levels had dropped. Four hours later we are ready to return to the B & B, and work out what we need to gather together and we go over the photos again to make sure we have covered everything.

Early dinner and 3 very tired people are off to sleep. Not sure why we get so tired, but think that it is a combination of driving stress and altitude!!

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