20th May 2018 – Onward!

What a lovely night’s rest – we wake up fully refreshed and set off to another farm on the Bothaville road – a 30 minute drive but the gravel road is in quite bad condition so it takes another 10 minutes before we get there.

Grrrr!!! The delightful couple that meet us take us to the kitchen where there in all her glory sits another – Esse Fairy!

The grate on this one keeps falling off. The firebox is distorted so we advise the couple on what to do on that score and then proceed to service the stove.

The chimney had no cover so rain just came down the pipe straight into the stove – very simply sorted out with an H-cowl and instructins left on how to operate it. We love farmers as they can do virtually anything!

Another wonderful cup of tea, goodbyes said and back to the B & B for the usual cleanup, food and sleeeep!!!

Tomorrow morning we head to Johannesburg.

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