21st May 2018 – Fairy again!

We get up early, pack our luggage, food and a few extra things we seem to have acquired and are away at 7h00 en route to Johannesburg – there we know sits an Esse Fairy in dire need of some magical assistance!

We drop off our luggage at the Rivonia Road Lodge and then off to work.

What a delightful couple – they are pleased to see us and leave us to get on with things while they head off for their morning workout at the gymn.

We tackle the chimney as this has holes everywhere – the bricks are showing signs of wear in the stove, but not enough to replace them, so we patch them up until they look as good as new. Chimney repaired and checked and the stove serviced. The owners are enthusiastic and we were delighted to have helped.

The following day we received a message saying that the stove had never worked as well as it was now, and the young gentleman couldn’t wait to start cooking!

Hopefully that’s the end of the Esse Fairy’s.

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