22nd May 2018 – Our last round

Today we set off for Memel – when we get to our guesthouse, we once again offload our food and personal luggage.

Then its off to the farm – good grief if we thought all the other roads were bad, this one took the first prize! It had rained two days prior to our arrival and it was a case of just hold your breath and hope for the best!

A very interesting area, with a wetland rejuvenation programme in place – and the wetlands are huge! I would have loved to have spent some time exploring, but that never happens on our trips as time doesn’t allow for such luxuries! When someone is paying for you to be somewhere, you can imagine how popular one would be if we just meandered along!

The first stove is an AGA whose chimney has collapsed – so we tackle that first – the pipe is so large and heavy and has lodged its broken self in the place where the join from the back of the stove was. All sorted out and ably assisted by one of the farm workers.

General service and thermostat checked and adjusted. Barrel removed for replacement.

The main farmhouse has….nooooo….an Esse Fairy, but Emmie makes short shrift of that and we are treated to fantastic warm banana bread and some tea – it was freezing, so all was welcome – very welcome.

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