Two oven AGA

2-Oven-Traditional-AGA_sThe 2 oven AGA has a large roasting oven and an equally sized lower simmering oven. This model is perfect for day to day family meals as well as occasional entertaining for larger numbers. The boiling and simmering plates provide ample cooking space, accommodating up to 6 pans between them.
The standard AGA is the vintage model of the range, first introduced in 1941 and manufactured until the early 1970s. This model was originally only produced in the cream colour so familiar to many AGA owners.
It has 2 hotplates: one boiling and one simmering and 2 ovens: one roasting and one simmering.


Dimensions – Width – 985mm, Height – 850mm, Depth – 660mm

2 oven AGA