Pages-from-AGA-story-final Emmie travels the length and breadth of South Africa lovingly tending to distress calls about AGA’s, Esse’s, Rayburn’s, Ellis de Luxe’s, and many other anthracite, wood and coal burning stoves.

She has compiled this book to assist owners with their basic questions and she hopes that you will enjoy learning how to maintain your AGA, specifically. Other stoves work on much the same principle, so it would be helpful for any solid fuel stove owner. Specifically for South African owners, but applies to any AGA.

The book is priced at R125.

If you would like to purchase a copy, please effect payment via EFT into FNB Account number 50930062612, Branch code 221325 together with an email to and the book will be emailed to you.

It is in PDF format, with bookmarks and can be read on any electronic device.

Should you prefer a printed copy, the price is R250, excluding postage and packing.


 Of the many things that AGA’s do well, slow-cooked meals rank among the best. So here are over 100 great recipes; easy, economical and full of rich and vibrant flavours. Braised Chicken and Chicory, Pork with Honey and Apricots and Boston Baked Beans are just a few of the delights in store. The book also includes traditional oven timings, thus enabling all cooks to enjoy these fabulous recipes.





The AGA is much more than an oven: it’s an icon. It’s a statement. It’s a way of life. AGA cookers have never been more popular, and the queen of AGA cookery is undoubtably Amy Willcock. Here is her definitive AGA Bible, with 300 classic, timeless recipes and bags of advice and tips for AGA owners.

Here are all the essential recipes that every AGA owner needs to know – from how to cook a full English breakfast on an AGA, making soups, cooking fish and roasting meats, through to baking pies, cakes and breads. The delicious family food includes Beef stroganoff, Steak, mushroom and horseradish pudding, and Bacon and egg pie, and there are stunning dinner-party recipes such as Rillettes of duck with toasted brioche, Chicken in Marsala with oranges and shallots and Parmigiano, thyme and rosemary risotto. Amy also tempts the tastebuds with a delectable range of desserts and cakes, including Raspberry souffles, Chocolate pecan tart and Lemon meringue cake. And there are 30 new and exclusive recipes, such as Moules marinieres, Crab and coconut soup and Apple and onion tart. All the recipes feature conventional cooking instructions, so even non-AGA owners can enjoy Amy’s tasty dishes.