Love Lions Alive

IMG_0028 It was winter in the year 2015, and a call came through from a gentleman in Harrismith in the Free State.

We hopped into our trusty Nissan Hardbody, and went to have a look at the problem he was having with his AGA. Beautiful old two oven – was smoking and generally misbehaving. The barrel was burnt, so we took it out and loaded it up for repair at our engineer’s workshop.

While we were in the process of investigating, we saw what seemed to be a very large cat pass by the kitchen door and disappear into the inner reaches of the house.

Then, it returned and this time came into the kitchen and we saw to our surprise that it was in fact a lion cub!

There was much questioning and a lot of very interesting information was gleaned. This cub was being reared, for the time being at this gentleman’s home, aided by ‘The Lion Queen’ – Andi Rive.

Please read about Andi and the ‘Love Lions Alive’ Project. Incredible work by incredible people.

Oh and if you ever pass through Harrismith you HAVE to stop and buy biltong from the shop in McKechnie Road, Harrismith. It is simply the best biltong in the world!



There actually WAS a cat too!


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