Rayburn No. 1



Rayburn No 1 – Old Pattern
Rayburn No 1 – New Patternrayno1gen-1New Pattern with external riddling and optional plate-rack and splash-backThe Rayburn Number 1 was the first generation of  ‘Rayburn’ cooker,  introduced in 1946 and manufactured up to about 1958, when it was largely superceded by the introduction of the Rayburn RegentBoth Old and New pattern had a single oven and was available as a L.H. or R.H. oven version. The No. 1 is distinguished by having no insulating lid covering the hotplate.
Each version had an optional boiler, which with 24 hours continuous burning, produced approximately 9000BTUs (26kW).  Both appliances required connection to a 30 gallon hot water storage cylinder, either on a direct or indirect system. Alternatively an optional side-tank could be used.
The difference between the two models is in the fire and ashpit doors. The old pattern had independent doors, whereas the new pattern had interlocking doors, where the ashpit door cannot be opened before the firedoor is opened.
The firebricks were the same for each model, but some were changed when built as non-boiler versions – the boiler version having a rectangular fire-grate and the non-boiler a circular grate.
The other feature that changed on these models was the riddling method. This was originally done by opening the ashpit door, but on later models outside riddling was introduced, requiring an alteration to the bottom side bricks to accommodate it.
The cast iron boiler was referred to as the 12″ boiler and was available with side tappings or top tappings.
Optional extras available for adding to the basic appliance were:-   Loose insulating lid.
    Splash-back and plate-rack
    Plate-rack only
    Splashplate (low skirting)
    Handrail and brackets
    Oven thermometer
    Copper boiler
    Low pressure side tank of 17.5 gallons, for where no hot water storage system was available.