Rayburn No. 2



Rayburn No 2 – Original Pattern
Rayburn No 2 – Old Pattern
Rayburn No 2 – New Pattern

Manufactured from the late 1940’s until the mid 1950’sThere were 3 versions, all of which had a main oven together with a warming oven underneath. No insulating lid was fitted.
Original (only a few produced) had a 12″ boiler (but not the same as the No1) and was made with R.H. ovens only
Old Pattern has a 15″ boiler and was also available with L.H. ovens.
Both the Original and Old Pattern had separate fire and ash-pit doors.
With Optional Splash-back

New Pattern which was similar to the Old Pattern, except it had interlocking fire and ash-pit doors.

Each version had an optional boiler, which with 24 hours continuous burning produced approx. 9000 BTU (26kW)
The bottom-grate was rectangular and accessed by opening the ash-pit door, riddling being done by this route.
Optional Plate-rack and Splash-back was available.