Rayburn No. 3



Introduced in about 1950, the Rayburn No. 3 was similar to the no.2 model, having 2 ovens – a main cooking oven above a smaller warming oven.

It was available with a single hinged insulating lid, where the boiler connections were on the side of the cooker. Where the connections were on the top. a separate loose lid was available as an optional extra.

An optional boiler was available either cast iron or copper, with an output of approx. 100,000BTU (29kW) over a 24 hour period.

The fire and ash-pit doors were interlocking, where the ash-pit door cannot be opened before the fire-door is first opened.

The Rayburn No.3 had a circular grate with outside riddling attachment (at side of ash-pit door)

Manufacture continued to about 1958, when it was re-designed and launched as the Rayburn Royal.