Saturday 17th September – Camperdown to Bloemfontein

Well we started out this morning at 8h00. The weather was not in our favour – raining and misty all the way to Howick. We have 4 oven AGA in tow on our trailer – a deluxe model for delivery in Port Elizabeth plus all our stuff on the back of the bakkie – no mean load. We cruise on until we get to the bottom of Van Reenen‘s Pass – 1100metres-and the world disappears altogether. The mist is so thick one can see absolutely nothing in front of us or behind us…hazard lights don’t cut it and we crawl our way up this pass with every cell on alert. Suddenly sunlight!! Thank goodness!. The remainder of the trip is uneventful, with beautiful weather – bright and sunny and we arrive at Bain’s Lodge in Bloemfontein at eight minutes past three. We offload and settle down to paperwork and the usual checklist for tomorrow’s journey.

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