The Great Trek

Right – we are finished in Underberg for a while and unfortunately didn’t find out anything further about the Underberg Inn.

This coming Sunday we set our rubber for the Cape – writing this makes me wonder how incredibly brave and adventurous were the early sailors in their wooden ships – the other question I had whilst in Underberg, was, how on earth did the Afrikaaners manage to get their oxen and wagons over the Drakensberg. If someone reading this knows of a family member who managed this seemingly insurmountable journey – please write and tell me about it – so fascinating!!

The road through to Swartberg seems to have deteriorated quite significantly and so no pictures of any worth came out of the 100+ that I took while we were on the road – every time I shot a photo a large bump would interfere with the focus and its subject. Below you can see the challenges of taking photos from a car window – taken on the way to Underberg – everything is still fairly green, although there are definite signs of winter’s approach. Again, as I see the Drakensberg in the far distance I am unable to comprehend the fact that people actually traversed those mountains in ox wagons!!

And so off to Bethulie on Sunday – best go and pack!!!

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