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Most people associate the name AGA with good food and fine living which began life in Sweden.frontpage

This celebrated stove can be found in around 750,000 households worldwide and was invented by Dr Gustav Dalén, a blind Nobel Prize-winning physicist.
Appalled that his wife and their maid had to constantly tend to their old-fashioned range, Dalén set out to design a modern stove that would look after itself.
It’s unlikely Dalén could have predicted that his invention would go on to be widely acclaimed as a design icon, but it has.

Emmie Heathman, the Stove Whisperer and AGA specialist has a passion both for cooking, good food AND restoring these beautiful stoves to their former glory.

Tra13591545velling all over South Africa, she responds to the call of the dead or dying AGA’s that lie dotted over the South African countryside,and lovingly restores them.

If you have an AGA or any other anthracite stove that is no longer in working condition…..the Stove Whisperer is the lady to call.

Emmie now has two books which you may want to purchase – one is a book full of tips and troubleshooting advice on what to do with your AGA to get her and keep her in good health. The other is a copy of a 1940’s cookbook.

If you would like to purchase one or both of these books, please send a request via email to Emmie on heathmane@gmail.com.

These books are available in pdf format and can be emailed or alternatively we can have them printed and couriered to you.